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About Pieta House

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After a successful decade in Ireland, Pieta House, center for prevention of suicide and self-harm has arrived in New York.


Where we’ve come from

Although Pieta House’s foundations lie in the care of those in suicidal or self-harm distress we are providing a more wide ranging suite of therapies to deal with the issues facing the Irish in New York.
Our success is down to the pragmatic but empathetic approach we take to suicidal ideation, no matter the reason behind it and no matter the person. In New York this approach extends to the care that we give to all of our clients, no matter what issue is facing them.
Through the successful delivery of our service as well as the implementation of our community programs such as Mind Our Men and Mind Ur Buddy Pieta House has played an important part of removing the taboo of suicide, and bringing it loudly to the global conversation.

Where we’re going

The positive impact of our service has been recognized through the accolades and awards that have been bestowed on us. We have won awards such as The Arthur Guinness Fund, People of the Year, Ulster Bank Business Entrepreneur etc. Importantly, this success has brought attention to suicide and self-harm in general. So much so, that we were implored by the Irish in New York to bring our life-saving service to their community.

New York Pilot

After identifying the need for our service in New York a decision was made to work in collaboration with the New York Irish Center where they offered their building to allow Pieta House to bring our service to the city. This decision makes sense demographically and financially, as we will be within reach of the Irish community across the whole of New York City. We hope to extend our outreach service across New York to look after the Irish wherever they are.

The organization is a people’s charity, founded on the kindness and generosity of Irish people who prioritize the fight against suicide and mental well being. The Pieta House service in New York is a pilot project which opened its doors in Fall 2015.


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Therapy at Pieta House is COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE.


Help us bring our organisation to your Community – invest in this unique project which will mean that you will be part of this ground-breaking venture.

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Get involved with Pieta House

Volunteer, Events, Donate and more…

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